Service Packages

All my service packages outlined below are inclusive of labour costs, general workshop consumables and a full safety check.

Prices do not include replacements parts or components unless otherwise stated.

All work is tailored to suit your needs and requirements. I will not charge for any unnecessary work and I will always contact you before any additional work is undertaken.

All bikes must be in a reasonably clean condition before I can undertake any work.
There is a bike wash service available at extra cost, however, this is included in some of the service packages outlined below.

Bronze Bike Service

(Basic Tune-Up) – Price £35.00

This service will get you moving again and will also give you an indication of any further work recommended for the future.

The bike is wiped down and checked for defects. The chain is checked for wear, degreased & re-lubricated. Brakes and drivetrain are correctly adjusted for optimum performance and smooth shifting; includes free replacement of inner cables if required.

Wheels are checked for general alignment and tyres are checked for excessive wear then inflated to the correct pressure, or personal preference. I will also ensure all bolts and fasteners are set to manufacturer's recommended torque settings.

Silver Bike Service

(Major Tune-Up) – Price £60.00

This service is recommended every 6 months, if you ride regularly.

A general bike wash is included with the service. Headset, bottom bracket and wheel hub bearings are adjusted, checked for wear and adding grease where neccessary.

The chain, cassette, chainrings and derailleurs are checked for wear and degreased using the Rozone Smartwasher for a sparkly finish.

Brakes and drivetrain are correctly adjusted for optimum performance and smooth shifting; includes free replacement of inner cables if required. Wheels are checked for alignment, dished and trued, if necessary.

Gold Bike Service

(Full Overhaul) – Price £95.00

This service is recommended once a year, if you ride regularly.

Give you bike the professional service it deserves. This includes the removal and inspection of all parts and components with a complete bike strip down to the bare frame.

Complete frame preparation and alignment check (faced and threads chased if necessary), full valet service of all components using the Rozone Smartwasher, free replacement of inner & outer cables, wheels checked for complete trueness & spoke tension adjusted equally to manufacturer's recommendations. Complete re-grease, re-assemble and apply showroom polish.


All components and bearings considered over 80% worn, will be recommended for replacement.

I will always contact you before any additional work is undertaken and all additional costs to be agreed prior to re-assembly.

Specific Services

Here are a selection of specific services available. Prices are labour and workshop consumables only and do not include spares or service kits. I can carry out most repairs so if you don't find a service listed then please contact me.


Hanger alignment check & adjust £10.00
Pivot bearing replacement, starts from £30.00
Headset/bottom bracket service £20.00 each



Rim brake adjustment (both) £10.00
Brake pad replacement & adjustment £10.00
Hydraulic brake bleed £20.00 each £35.00 both


Suspension fork (basic seal service) £35.00
Suspension fork (full strip down) £70.00
Shock (basic air can service) £30.00
Shock (full strip down) £60.00
Dropper seatpost (basic service) £15.00
Dropper seatpost (full strip down) £30.00


Gear tune-up, including free cable £15.00
Chain/Cassette/Chainring replacement £10.00
Handlebar tape replacement £15.00

Wheels & Tyres

Tyre replacement £5.00 each
Puncture repair inc. inner tube £10.00 each £15.00 both
Wheel hub service £15.00 front £20.00 rear
Basic wheel alignment & truing £15.00 each
Complete spoke re-tensioning £25.00 each £45.00 both
Custom wheel build £40.00 each
Tubeless conversion £20.00 each £35.00 both

Discounts are available on standalone repairs if carried out in-conjunction with a Service Package.
Children's bicycles, or bicycles under 26" wheels, are half price.
Please note there is a £20.00 minimum charge for any standalone repair.

Safety Check

(30-Point MOT-Style) Report - Price £15.00

This package is a comprehensive 30-point safety check which will give you peace of mind as to the overall condition and safety of your bike.

The report will highlight the current condition of your bike and any areas that need short, medium and long-term attention.

I will then be able to give you a firm quotation on the work that should be carried out. However, you are under no obligation to proceed at this point.

New Bike Setup

Price from £35.00

New or even used bikes bought from the internet often come packed in a box.

I will check the frame for manufacturing defects, set handlebars, levers and seat post to the correct position. Install pedals, check brake alignment, adjust gears for smooth shifting, add lubrication and grease where necessary, check wheel alignment and inflate tyres to the required pressure. I will also ensure all bolts and fasteners are set to the manufacturer's recommended torque settings.

All bicycles will be built to cycle industry standard ISO BS6102 PT 1, 1992.

Bike Ranger Corporate Maintenance Program

This is aimed at employers, outdoor activity centres, hotels, hostels, B&B’s and bike-hire businesses.

I can provide a comprehensive mobile bike workshop service to your employees, clients, guests, visitors or if you have a fleet of cycles to maintain, I can come to you on a pre-agreed, regular basis and provide anything from thorough safety checks to a full maintenance programme.

Please contact me for further details and pricing.